About Us

Meet Melissa

Hi, my name is Melissa Gruenhagen, owner of Give A Doggy A Bone and longtime resident of the Cincinnati area. Your dog will love my healthy, homemade treats baked at home from my kitchen!  My biscuits are made with all-natural ingredients, no preservatives. I use only the healthiest, finest ingredients such as whole wheat flour, skim milk and fresh cage-free eggs. I use real chicken in my chicken treats. Even my "peamutt butter" is made here at the barkery using fresh, whole peanuts which I roast and grind myself with no added salt or oil! My treats come in many varieties just like your dogs! From Rover's Reeses to DoggyLishus Fries, Tail Waggers to Peamutt Butter Pup Cups, there is a treat to please every palate.

As a former Teacher and Librarian, I always dreamed of owning my own business. As an adult, I wanted to do more for animal welfare and began rescuing hurt or abandoned animals. After my two children were born, and I was a stay-at-home Mom, I had the opportunity to explore combining my love of animals and cooking. I began baking for my two beautiful dogs, "Honey," and "Santa Fe."  Soon, my children became interested and wanted to have a hand in the process. It is very possible they have either helped bake or package your biscuits! Your dog will love them! Thank you for your purchase!

Giving Back

Give a Doggy a Bone is dedicated to helping our local animal welfare community!