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Winter Dog Care

02 March, 2014

We feel for the dogs out there in the winter cold, and hope that all dog owners know if you are cold, your dog is, too!  Simply having a dog house as is required by law falls far short for a dog's comfort.  Wind chill can make conditions far more harsh for a dog, so be sure he has a flap on the door, that his house is elevated, dry, and has straw, blankets, or matting for him to make a nest in.  Additionally, be sure his house is not too large since he needs his body heat to help warm himself.  Just like humans, dogs need more calories to maintain their body heat so be sure to feed your dog more if he is outside a lot.  We would ask all dog owners not to leave their dogs outside if the weather is below freezing, 32 degrees.  Your dog does so much for you, gives unconditional love, and the least you can do for him is to bring him inside during intense weather extremes so that he is comfortable and out of harm's way.