Doggy Health

06 May, 2013

Hi everyone, it's me, Parker.  I'm still thinking about how a dog can have a long, happy and healthy life.  One of the things my mommy does is brush my teeth every day.  I do not like this, but she loves me so much, so I let her do it.  I know she is trying to keep my teeth healthy so that I can eat well.  I really do like to eat, and I bet your dog does too. 

Doggie Exercise

04 March, 2013

 Hi! It's me, Parker.  Someone asked me what is the secret to a long, happy life for a dog like me.  Well, I'm not sure about long but I sure know about happy!  I am so happy when my mommy takes me for my walk!  I love to get out and smell all those interesting smells and see other dogs.  Sometimes I bark, too.  All that is so much fun and I guess it is good for me, too, to get my exercise.  So that is one of the ways I got to be a happy and healthy eleven years old.  Talk with you later alligator!

A note from Parker: The Studster

24 February, 2013


Hi!  My name is Parker and people say I am a long-haired dachshund, whatever that means.  I do know that I am cute!  Everyone says, "Look at that cute little dog!"  So, I know I am really cute but, wait a minute, who says I am little?!!  Where did that come from?  Listen, I am the BOSS, the MAN,  and I rule!  My mommy even made a special dog biscuit just for me!  Of course, it is in the shape of a crown, and it says, "Stud" on it!  I love them, love them, love them!  I'll bet, if you have a dog like me, he will love them too!

For Your Diva

16 February, 2013

 Is your dog a little Diva?  Is she just "too cute" for words?  We have just the treat meant just for her, our "Doggie Diva" tiara made with real chicken.  It's so Divalishus!

Hilarious Video!

13 February, 2013

This hilarious video has gone viral and we couldn't help but share it! 

My Furry Valentine

10 February, 2013

 Yesterday was My Furry Valentine at Flexi USA.  We donated some of our "Valentail's" Day treats to them and wanted to come see their event.  WOW!  What a success!  The parking lot was so jammed, people had to park across the highway and police had to monitor the traffic.  Inside were tons of rescue groups from Adore - A Bull to Animal Adoption Foundation.  We had a great time and found that besides the opportunity to adopt dogs and cats, there were rats, ferrets, and bunnies all available for furever homes.  Thank you, Flexi, and all the rescue groups that work so hard to make life better for the animals!

February Free Shipping

07 February, 2013

Hi Dog Lovers:

To celebrate our Grand Opening of our new website, we are offering a Free Shipping Special for the month of February!  Purchase 3 or more treats and get FREE SHIPPING!  This is a great way to give your "best friend" some treats he will love at a discount!

First Blog

02 February, 2013

 Welcome all dog lovers to our new website,  We offer homemade, all-natural dog treats for your sweet pet.  They are made with the best natural ingredients.  We hope you like our new look!

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